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HIV Rapid Test Kit


Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of drug testing products worldwide, is pleased to offer a top of the line HIV Rapid Test.  This HIV Rapid Test, a OneStep HIV 1+2 Rapid Test (cassette format) is a direct binding screening test for the presence of antibodies of HIV 1 and 2 viruses.  The HIV Rapid Test is based on the principle of double sandwich immunoassay for the determination of anti-HIV-1 and anti-HIV-2 in serum/plasma.  Recombinant HIV antigens are employed to specifically identity anti-HIV antibodies on the HIV Rapid Test.  This HIV Rapid Test is for in vitro diagnostic use only.  The HIV Rapid Test comes in cassette (RapiCard) format.*




Experts agree that using tests like the HIV Rapid Test is an essential part of stopping the spread of HIV.  The HIV Rapid Test provides the quick results that most patients desire. The standard screening test for HIV is an HIV ELISA test.   This HIV ELISA test requires a small sample of blood from the patient, but typically requires two visits.  Studies have shown that those being screened for HIV testing where the blood is sent to an outside laboratory, do not return for follow-up visits.  This gap in HIV Rapid test and treatment time is dangerous when dealing with rapid transmission of such an infectious disease to others.  Unlike the HIV ELISA test, an HIV Rapid Test provides results during a single counseling session.  Thus, the HIV Rapid Test allows the patient to get pre & post-test counseling, HIV Rapid Test results, and any medical referrals they may need – all in one visit and in a very short amount of time.  Early diagnosis of the HIV virus by using the quick and simple HIV Rapid Test can help identify patients who may be candidates for anti-retroviral treatment, which has been shown to delay the progression of the infection to full blown AIDS.  This type of Rapid HIV Testing benefits not only the individual, but the health of the community, by reducing the risk of spreading an infectious disease.  The HIV Rapid Test can be useful to quickly confirm HIV status in the community which then enables health professionals to effectively identify and establish appropriate HIV prevention services.




Users of the HIV Rapid Test know that HIV is a serious virus infection.  When a person has an HIV infection, it means the T-cells in the body are being attacked.  Known officially as “human immunodeficiency virus,” the HIV symptoms are not always known, depending on the phase of infection.  However, the majority of infected HIV patients develop a flu-like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body.  An HIV Rapid Test is important at any stage since the HIV virus, once in the bloodstream, continues to multiply and destroy cells.  If no testing occurs, as that in an HIV Rapid Test, then the virus can develop into AIDS.  If an infection is suspected, an individual should seek medical advice as soon as possible.  Using the HIV Rapid Test allows an infected individual to receive immediate treatment helping to prevent further spread of the HIV virus to others.


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.’s HIV Rapid Test can be run on serum and plasma samplesThe HIV Rapid Test works best on fresh samples.  For serum testing on the HIV Rapid Test, collect blood into a container without anticoagulant.  Allow the blood to clot and separate the serum from the clot.  Use the serum for the HIV Rapid Test.  For plasma sample testing using the HIV Rapid Test, separate the plasma from the blood using centrifugation.  If the specimen cannot be tested using the HIV Rapid Test on the day of collection, store the specimen in a refrigerator (at 2 to 4 degrees celsius) for up to 3 days.  Make sure to stir and bring the specimen to room temperature before using the HIV Rapid Test.  Do not freeze and thaw the specimen repeatedly before using the HIV Rapid Test.  Results from the HIV Rapid Test can be obtained within 20-30 minutes of using the HIV Rapid Test.  If the HIV Rapid Test result is negative, only one colored band appears on the control C region of the HIV Rapid Test.  If the HIV Rapid Test is positive, a pink color will appear not only on the C band of the HIV Rapid Test, but also a distinct pink colored band will appear in the test (T) region of the HIV Rapid Test.




Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers HIV testing in the following formats: an HIV Rapid Test (cassette) and (two) HIV ELISA Tests.  One HIV ELISA Test is the HIV 1, 2 ELISA Test, CE Certified** for the qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV type 1 (group M-O) or 2; the other HIV ELISA Test is the HIV 1,2 Ab/Ag ELISA Test*** for qualitative determination of antigens or antibodies to HIV 1 or 2.  For more information about HIV Rapid Tests, or HIV ELISA Tests, please contact our Customer Service Department.  Customers who use these HIV Rapid Tests and HIV ELISA Tests, also ask about our HCV ELISA TestsHCV Rapid Tests,  Autoimmune Disease ELISA Test kits,  Blood Bank ELISA Test kits, Cancer ELISA tests, Infectious Disease ELISA tests, Hepatitis ELISA tests, Cancer Rapid Tests,  Hepatitis Rapid Tests,  Infectious Disease Rapid Tests, and various drug test kits.  Check our online catalog for Rapid Tests and ELISA Tests, including IFA Test kits, CLIA Test Kits, and Serology Tests.  Our Customer Service contact is 818-591-3030.


*   Not to be sold, shipped, or distributed in the United States.

**  this HIV 1, 2 ELISA Kit is certified for use in Europe and any other country in the world, except the United States.

*** this HIV 1,2 ELISA Kit is available anywhere in the world except Europe and the United States.




The facts are clear.  Customers need the most effective and least expensive ELISA Tests in order to obtain accurate ELISA Test results at a reasonable price, for their clients and patients around the globe.  In addition, the requested ELISA Tests need to be simple to use, safe, convenient, and superior in sensitivity and specificity.  ELISA Tests are invaluable tools worldwide in treating a vast complex of infections and diseases that ravage a country, city, or small rural area.  Laboratories, doctors’ offices, hospitals, health organizations, forensic labs, and various other health-related institutions, gain by having the best quality ELISA tests at their disposal.   However, many institutions are financially strapped with budgets that do not always permit them to acquire the desired quantities of ELISA Tests for their clientele.  Thus, they need to shop wisely when considering the best ELISA tests money can buy.


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of superior drug testing equipment, including ELISA Tests and Rapid Tests, is recognized worldwide for its top quality and low cost ELISA Tests.  Our company has been distributing simple and easy-to-use ELISA Tests to a large base of long-standing customers within the U.S. and worldwide for over 20 years.  Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. has also been attracting newly-interested buyers around the globe who have seen our proven record, not only in selling low-cost ELISA Tests but in manufacturing and distributing a large selection of drug testing products globally, ranging from ELISA tests and Drug tests, to Rapid tests, IFA Tests, CLIA Tests, Serology Tests, and ELISA Test Instrumentation.




We at Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. understand that choosing the right ELISA Test manufacturer/distributor may not be easy, and we applaud our competitors’ commitment to offering top quality ELISA Tests at fair prices.  However, we ask interested clients who may be visiting our website for the first time, and looking for low-cost ELISA Tests, to consider the choices of ELISA tests we are offering.  Browse our online catalog of ELISA tests and see for yourself.   Let us know what kind of budget constraints you may be experiencing.  Our team of ELISA Test sales specialists will be more than happy to work with you to assemble a low-cost package for your ELISA Test order.  Our representatives are dedicated professionals who search for creative ways to serve the public, especially in the area of low-cost ELISA tests.  If you are shopping around for inexpensive ELISA tests, we ask that you consider Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. as your main supplier for ELISA Tests, or any other drug testing product Our company is committed to selling drug testing equipment, like ELISA Tests, at fair and competitive prices worldwide.  We will match, or beat, the price you’ve been paying for ELISA Tests elsewhere.  Just check with our Customer Service Department (818) 591-3030 regarding any drug testing equipment, including inexpensive ELISA Tests or any Rapid Test, IFA Test, CLIA Test, Serology Test, or ELISA Test Instrumentation.




The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a common laboratory technique which is used to measure the concentration of an antibody or antigen in solution.  The basic ELISA Test is quick and simple to carry out, and since the ELISA Tests are designed to rapidly handle a large number of samples at one time, the ELISA Tests are a very popular choice for the evaluation of various research and diagnostic populations.  Studies have shown that ELISA tests are also unmatched when considering their simplicity, accuracy, and sensitivity in aiding health organizations around the world to effectively treat their clientele for infectious diseases.  Below are some of the basic advantages of why an ELISA test is the preferred method of laboratory testing.  ELISA Test advantages are:











To complete your ELISA Test package, an ELISA Test Microplate Reader is available, along with an optional ELISA Test Microplate Washer.  Designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology, and research areas, our low-cost ELISA Test Microplate Readers are essential components to obtaining accurate ELISA Test results.  An excellent choice for an ELISA Test Microplate Reader, is the DAR800 with its interchangeable filters, UV Option, and easy-to-read software.  Full-plate ELISA Test Microplate Washers are also available, including our DAW50 Auto Strip WasherELISA Test Instrumentation includes a one year warranty and on-going support from our professional technical support team.  Check our online catalog or contact our Customer Service Representatives to inquire about basic features of these ELISA Test Microplate Readers and Washers and inexpensive ways to combine your ELISA Tests with the basic ELISA Test Instrumentation.




Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. has established the gold standard in its superior product line of ELISA Tests, including in-demand kits such as  HIV ELISA Tests, and HCV ELISA Tests A wide range of easy-to-use and inexpensive ELISA Tests are available, including: Food Allergen ELISA Tests, Autoimmune ELISA Tests, Blood Bank ELISA Tests, Cancer ELISA Tests, Parasitology ELISA Tests, Steroid ELISA Tests, Thyroid ELISA Tests, Veterinary ELISA Tests, and Infectious Disease ELISA Tests, including Hepatitis ELISA Tests, HCV ELISA Tests, and HIV ELISA Tests.  For more information about these ELISA Tests, or other products such as Rapid Tests, IFA Tests, CLIA Tests,  Serology Tests, or Instrumentation, please contact our Customer Service Department, 818-591-3030.


Dengue NS1 Rapid Test | Dengue Rapid Test | Dengue NS1 ELISA Test




Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., a global leader in the field of manufacturing and distributing medical testing equipment, is pleased to offer a top quality Dengue NS1 Rapid Test kit at an affordable price.  This inexpensive Dengue NS1 Rapid Test is known for its superior sensitivity and specificity in accurately detecting early Dengue infections.  This Dengue NS1 Rapid Test is a qualitative membrane-based immunoassay for the detection of NS1 antigen in human serum.  Notable features of this Dengue NS1 Rapid Test are  its safe, convenient, and easy-to-use test procedures and accurate, quick results.




Los Angeles based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. has been a leader in the development of infectious disease rapid tests for more than 20 years.  In the past, some available tools for dengue virus detection have been time-consuming.  However, this particular Dengue NS1 Rapid Test now being offered, is proven to be timely, sensitive, and specific when dealing with early detection of the Dengue NS1 virus.  The use of tests like the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test as a first-line test for the screening of dengue-infected patients, could help accelerate the diagnosis of dengue fever in clinical diagnostic laboratories.  Rapid and easy diagnosis of dengue using Dengue NS1 Rapid Test, can assist patient triage and care management.  For example, during an epidemic outbreak, the ability to triage those patients suspected of having dengue fever and to quickly establish an anti-viral therapy with use of a Dengue NS1 Rapid Test, might improve the rates of disease control drastically. Thus, the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test presents the ideal method of testing as it is rapid, easily applicable, sensitive, and highly specific.   Available to customers worldwide, the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit is offered in a strip format only.


This One-Step Dengue NS1 RapiDip Insta Test (strip format) is a qualitative, membrane based immunoassay for the detection of non-structural protein 1 (NS1) antigen in human serum.  The Dengue NS1 Rapid Test membrane is pre-coated with a NS1 specific antibody on the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test line region and utilizes a separate control to assure assay flow and performance.  If NS1 antigen is present, a red line will appear on the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test line.  The entire procedure using Dengue NS1 Rapid Test-strip is approximately 30 minutes.  Each Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit contains 25 Dengue NS1 Rapid Test dipsticks, sixty-four (64) individual sample reservoir wells, and one vial of Chase Buffer, Type A.   Multiple Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kits (strip format) can be shipped in packages of 25 or 50.





Closely related to the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit is another product in the field of Dengue IgG/IgM Antibody virus detection — the Dengue Rapid Test Kit (cassette format.)  Specifically labeled as the One-Step Dengue RapiCard Insta Test, this test is an immunochromatographic assay for the simultaneous detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to Dengue virus in human whole blood, serum, or plasma.  This Dengue Rapid Test-cassette is used as a screening test for Dengue viral infection and as an aid for differential diagnosis of primary and secondary infections in conjunction with other criteria.  This Dengue Rapid Test-cassette is a new generation immunochromatographic test using recombinant dengue viral antigens of all four serotypes to detect specific antibody response.  The Dengue Rapid Test Kit – cassette utilizes the principle of immunochromatography where mouse anti-human IgM and human IgG antibodies are immobilized as two individual test lines.  As the Dengue Rapid Test sample flows through the membrane assembly, a colored band appears which confirms a positive test result.  Absence of the colored band in the Dengue Rapid Test window indicates a negative test result.  A notable feature of this Dengue Rapid Test-cassette is that a built-in control line will always appear in the Dengue Rapid Test window when the test has been performed properly, regardless of the presence or absence of anti-Dengue virus antibodies in the specimen on the Dengue Rapid Test.  Each Dengue Rapid Test Kit-cassette contains OneStep Dengue RapiCard Insta Test in a foil pouch, a sample buffer, and the product insert.  These Dengue Rapid Test Kits-cassette can be shipped in bulk or boxed in 25 or 50 tests.




Besides the Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit-strip and the Dengue Rapid Test Kit-cassette, other Dengue Test Kits offered by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. include several Dengue ELISA Test Kits.  One is a Dengue NS1 ELISA Test, which is a highly sensitive, rapid, and reliable assay that uses a two-step sandwich type immunoassay to detect low levels of NS1 in serum.  The other three Dengue ELISA Tests include:  Dengue ELISA Test for IgG antibodies, the Dengue ELISA Test for IgM antibodies, and the Dengue ELISA Test for IgG/IgM antibodies in human serum.  All above-listed Dengue NS1 Rapid Test, Dengue Rapid Test Kit, Dengue NS1 ELISA Test Kit, and Dengue ELISA Test Kits are readily available for shipment worldwide.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for further information on any Dengue NS1 Rapid Test Kit, Dengue Rapid Test, Dengue NS1 ELISA Test Kit, or Dengue ELISA Test Kits.



USA-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures and distributes top quality, accurate, safe, and convenient medical testing equipment.  Included in this array of medical testing products are various Rapid Tests (HIV Rapid Test, Infectious Disease Rapid Tests, Hepatitis Rapid Tests, Drug Tests,  Cancer Rapid Tests, Pregnancy Rapid Tests, and many more).  Many of the ELISA Test Kits offered include:  Food Allergy ELISA Test Kits, HIV ELISA Tests, Hepatitis ELISA Tests, Parasitology ELISA tests, Blood bank ELISA Tests,  and several other ELISA Test Kits).  Additional products include:  IFA Kits, CIA Test Kits, and Serology Test Kits.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for more information on any of these Rapid Tests, ELISA Test Kits, IFA Tests, CIA Test Kits, or Serology Test Kits.





Rotavirus Rapid Tests are familiar rapid tests to most health clinics worldwide.  Why?  The answer lies in the fact that the rotavirus infection has been “the most common cause” of gastrointestinal problems, such as acute diarrhea, among infants and young children throughout the world.  Statistics have shown that on a global scale, nearly every child has at some point been infected with the rotavirus infection.  The Rotavirus Rapid Tests are intended to aid in the diagnosis of rotavirus infection and to monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment of the rotavirus infection.   The name rotavirus comes from the wheel-like appearance of the virus when viewed by electron microscopy.  Children between the ages of 6 and 24 months are at greatest risk for developing severe infections from different strains of the rotavirus and thus prime candidates for testing using the Rotavirus rapid test.   Adults sometimes become infected, but the resulting illness is usually mild. Still, for both children and adults, many top health officials have endorsed the easy-to-use and convenient Rotavirus Rapid Test as a superior aid in treating rotavirus infections.  To prevent high hospital costs and annual economic strains on families worldwide, Rotavirus Rapid Tests are invaluable tools in keeping these costs down.  Early detection of the rotavirus infection, through use of a Rotavirus Rapid Test, has been the most effective instrument in controlling the spread of rotavirus infection.



A leader worldwide in manufacturing and supplying medical testing equipment, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a one-step Rotavirus Antigen Rapid Test (in cassette format) that is an in-vitro quantitative immunocromatographic assay for the rapid detection of rotavirus antigens in human stool specimen.  Simple to use and inexpensive, the Rotavirus Rapid Test is an accurate and rapid qualitative method for the detection of rotavirus in stool specimens of symptomatic patients.  The Rotavirus Rapid Test has shown 98% sensitivity and 97% specificity in rapid diagnosis and treatment of infection in patients.  The Rotavirus Rapid Test supplies quick and easy-to-read results, usually within 30 minutes.  Each Rotavirus Rapid Test cassette contains a test strip with rotavirus specific antibody on the Rotavirus rapid test region of the membrane and colored rotavirus antibody-gold conjugate pad.  If the stool specimen sample on the Rotavirus rapid test contains rotavirus antigens, the antigen will bind to the antibody coated on the strip.  The One Step Rotavirus Rapid Test, a sandwich solid phase immunochromatographic assay, will then show a red control line in Rotavirus rapid test window to indicate that the Rotavirus Rapid Test functioned properly.  If the Rotavirus antigen is not present, or lower than detection limit of the Rotavirus Rapid Test, only the control line will be visible.


Labeled as the OneStep Rotavirus Antigen RapiCardTM InstaTest, Diagnostic Automation’s Rotavirus Rapid Test is simple, specific, rapid, and cost effective.  Medical tests conducted on the efficiency of the Rotavirus Rapid Test have shown that the Rotavirus Rapid Test is equally as accurate as the Rotavirus ELISA test available on the market today.  The test results revealed that the Rotavirus Rapid Test was just as sensitive as the direct electron microscopy of the Rotavirus ELISA test.  Studies concluded that the Rotavirus Rapid Test is an accurate and rapid qualitative method for the detection of rotavirus in stools of symptomatic children and adults.  Early and reliable detection, by using such tests as the Rotavirus Rapid Test, is very important to populations around the world in order to avoid further rotavirus infections within their communities.


RELATED PRODUCTS TO THE ROTAVIRUS RAPID TEST – Adenovirus/Rotavirus Rapid TestRotavirus ELISA Test

Worldwide, Rotavirus infection encompasses the single most important cause of acute abdominal problems, especially in infants and children.  However, other agents, such as adenovirus, are also associated with gastrointestinal problems. In relation to the Rotavirus Rapid Test, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. features a combination Adenovirus/Rotavirus Rapid Test which is an in-vitro qualitative immunocromatographic assay for the rapid detection of adenovirus and rotavirus antigens in human stool specimens.  The Adenovirus/Rotavirus Rapid Test results are intended to aid in the diagnosis of rotavirus infection and to monitor the effectiveness of therapeutic treatment.  This Adenovirus/Rotavirus Rapid Test is for in-vitro use only.  Both the Rotavirus Rapid Test and the Adenovirus/Rotavirus Rapid Test are available in cassette format only.


An alternative method to these Rotavirus Rapid Tests is the Rotavirus ELISA test which is an in vitro procedure for the qualitative determination of rotavirus antigen in feces.  Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a Rotavirus ELISA test that is a double antibody (sandwich) ELISA suitable for health organizations and clinics in the field in identifying a large number of samples obtained from rotavirus-infected patients. The advantage of using this Rotavirus ELISA test is the ability to test multiple samples over a period of time for those patients that are suspected of being positive for rotavirus.  Specificity and sensitivity of the Rotavirus ELISA test are just as reliable as the Rotavirus Rapid Test, with calculated specificity at 97% and sensitivity at 100%.


Customers have also inquired about Diagnostic Automation’s other products:  Simple, convenient, and inexpensive Rapid Tests, Drug Tests,ELISA Test Kits, CIA Test Kits, IFA Tests, and Serology Tests.  For more information about any of these tests, or the Rotavirus Rapid Test, Adenovirus/Rapid Test, or the Rotavirus ELISA Test Kits, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Malaria Rapid Test | Malaria Test Kit

Malaria Rapid Test (Pan-LDH) 

Malaria Rapid Test (P.f/vivax)


Customers around the world ask about Malaria tests and the most efficient treatment of malaria.  The numerous questions about malaria are necessary in order to clarify which kind of Malaria test would best suit an organization or any city that is dealing with massive numbers of malaria infections and requests for the best quality malaria test kits on the market.  Malaria Rapid Tests are some of the most inexpensive and highly effective Malaria diagnostic tests available on the market today.  The malaria parasite invades countries, cities, and towns across the globe.  Treatment of malaria is important in considering the appropriate malaria test to guarantee control of the malaria parasiteMalaria Antigen tests, or Malaria Rapid tests like those offered by Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., are some of the most effective and easy-to-use malaria rapid testing devices on the market today.

As a major distributor and supplier of medical testing equipment, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers two convenient, reliable, and inexpensive Malaria Rapid Tests:   One Malaria Rapid Test is for Pan-LDH antigens.  This Malaria Rapid Test can detect all four species of malaria Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium oval, and Plasmodium malaria.  This Malaria Rapid Test is for the qualitative detection of one or more of the known Malaria species: P. falciparum, p. vivax, P. oval, and/or P. malaria by detecting lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in human blood.  This Malaria Rapid Test is for in vitro diagnostic use only.  The second easy-to-use Malaria Rapid Test(P.f/vivax) is for detection of pf and pv antigens only. This particular Malaria Rapid Test(P.f/vivax) is a rapid, qualitative test for the detection of Plasmodium falciparum and/or Plasmodium vivax in whole blood.  This simple Malaria Rapid Test(P.f/vivax) is also for in-vitro diagnostic use.



Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal infection of red blood cells caused by the bite of a carrier mosquito.  Prompt and accurate diagnosis like that obtained using a Malaria Rapid Test, followed by effective malaria treatment, is currently the main malaria diagnostic test control strategy.  Early diagnosis of the malaria parasite infection, like that offered through a malaria rapid test, and prompt, effective treatment of malaria is critical to prevent severe disease, death and malaria transmission.  Malaria Rapid tests play an important role in many countries who have health clinics that need to perform on-site tests in various field conditions, and Malaria Rapid Tests are often used by community health workers in areas where malaria microscopy is not always immediately available.   In addition, an ever-increasing number of travelers each year who visit various tropical countries return with malaria parasite infections. The Malaria Rapid Test Kits are regarded as accurate malaria diagnostic tests to detect any species of the malaria parasite for this population as well.



Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. distributes these user-friendly Malaria Rapid Tests throughout the world.  Our Malaria Rapid Tests are simple, and the procedures to perform both malaria rapid tests can be done easily and results obtained quickly.  The treatment of malaria presents a diagnostic challenge to many infected areas throughout the world.  In these areas, rapid detection of the malaria parasite, as that offered in a Malaria Rapid Test, and early treatment of malaria infection remain the most important goals in the successfully treatment of malaria.  Countries with large population segments susceptible to malaria infection, have greater choice for quality malaria rapid tests like those offered by our company.  Malaria Rapid Tests are more suited to health workers in situations where health services are deficient or absent.  These Malaria Rapid Tests have been assessed as safe and effective as malaria test diagnostic tools for community health workers, making these Malaria Rapid Tests extremely useful, especially in rural areas.  Previous studies have confirmed the high sensitivity and specificity of these Malaria Rapid Tests under field conditions. Therefore, the Malaria Rapid Test can be used as a valuable tool as a rapid diagnostic test of malaria.

Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics is pleased to offer these two Malaria Rapid Test formats — the Malaria Rapid Test for Pan-LDH antigens and a Malaria Rapid Test for pf and pv antigens.  For more information regarding these Malaria Rapid Tests, please contact our Customer Service Department.  These Malaria Rapid Tests are available in cassette format only.



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