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What is an ELISA reader?


ELISA reader instrument

At Diagnostic Automation we offer an extensive selection of ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) testing kits including, allergy, cancer, diabetes, fertility and infectious disease tests, just to name a few. In short, it is an antibody/antigen test or a test for immune response to things attacking the body such as virus, bacteria and allergens. The test is done in an ELISA plate, also known as a 96-well plate or microplate. Utilizing these tests to detect antibodies/antigens identifies a specific analyte.

ELISA is a popular format of “wet-lab” type analytic biochemistry assay that uses a solid-phase enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect the presence of a substance, usually an antigen/antibody, in a liquid sample or wet sample. The ELISA has been used as a diagnostic tool in medicine and plant pathology, as well as a quality-control check in various industries.

If you are a clinical, biotech or research facility and plan to implement the use of ELISA testing in your organization, you’ll need to invest in an ELISA reader to read the microplates. An ELISA reader measures and quantitates the color differences in the 12 X8 wells of the plate.

ELISA readers or microplate readers do spectrophotometry; they emit light at one wave length, and measure the amount of light absorbed and reflected by an object such as a protein.

Pregnant women should know about Fertility Elisa kits

If you are planing to have kids you should know about fertility ELISA kits.

Being pregnant is such a special and wonderful time in the life of a woman. Knowing that you carry the life of your child inside of you is life affirming and the greatest gift of all. However, if you are one of the millions of couples who are having a difficult time becoming pregnant, that time in your life can be one of the darkest.

Fertility ELISA kitsSome women are lucky enough to get pregnant easily without even trying, while other women chart their cycles religiously, time their sex scientifically and try for months or years to conceive without any luck. Infertility is a real struggle and effects more couples then many would believe.

Infertility is a sensitive topic; if a man can’t impregnate his lady, he may feel less masculine. And a woman who can’t become pregnant may question her femininity and her body. The answers to why a couple experiences difficulty becoming pregnant can be complicated and requirespecialized testing to delve into the problem and find a solution.

There are often a few common reasons why a woman can’t get pregnant, one of which is endometriosis, which is aconditionthat causes scarring and inflammation. If a woman suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), the egg never matures and therefore makes it impossible to become pregnant.  For the man’s contribution, sperm morphology (size and shape), motility (movement) and overall count play an important role in conception. These are just a few of the many issues that can cause infertility. Take a look at our selection of fertility ELISA kits available to find the right selection for your needs.

Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace | Drug test kits

Are you a business owner and considering implementing a drug-free workplace? The decision to enforce a drug-free environment and institute drug testing is an important one, but we also know you don’t come to that decision lightly. There are a lot of logistics and legal matters involved, but while those might seem like negatives initially, the positives of a drug-free staff are innumerable.

Workplace drug testing lets employers ensure their employees are not using illegal drugs on the job or during their time off. While it may cost money upfront to test your employees, the advantage of testing makes it worth the cost.

Ensure Employees Safety – Some jobs are dangerous. Using heavy equipment or driving a truck requires an employee to be completely alert. Drug testing before your employee starts their shift will ensure that they aren’t working while under the influence, protecting them and other staff from potential accidents.

Avoiding Problems Down the Road – Screening potential hires allows you to be sure they are clean and sober before you officially hire them. Once hired, regular screening allows you to ensure that a drug problem doesn’t quickly spiral out of control – costing you time, money and manpower.

The cost and potential inconvenience of implementing a drug-free workplace are far outweighed by the benefit of knowing your employees are coming to work clean, sober and ready to do their job. Drug test kits are simple, fast and easy to use. Get started today!

Flu Shot Less Effective This Season

As you‘ve probably heard, the flu shot is drastically less effective this year because the current strain of the virus has mutated. During an average winter when the flu vaccine has been considerably more effective than this year’s vaccination, the number of reported hospitalizations and deaths is still common. So, imagine the concern when doctors and medical professionals are faced with knowing that the vaccination administered to ward off the flu is ineffective.

In February 2014, a panel of experts decided on 3 strains of the virus to include in this year’s vaccine, based on data about the common strains circulating around the globe throughout the year. Some years the vaccine is a better match to the circulating strains than others.

The most common strain of the virus reported so far this season is influenza A (H3N2). In the past, this strain has been linked to higher rates of hospitalization and death, especially for those at high risk for complications, which is usually the very young, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions such as asthma or heart problems.

While this year’s version is not as protective against a mutated strain, it can still decrease the severity of illness caused by the virus. The most effective way to prevent the disease and/or severe outcomes from the illness is vaccination – even in its diminished capacity. For a complete list of Influenza Testing Kits, visit our site.