A Wide Array of Drug Tests

Cocaine Test | Drug Test | RapidTest.comDrug addiction is a problem that affects many people. Sometimes addicts fess up when they need help, but more often than not, a drug addict needs to be regularly tested to make sure that they are not slipping and using again. Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a huge array of rapid drug tests, including panel combinations of your choice and individual tests. Our tests include:

  • Methamphetamine Drug Test – This is the most popular synthetic derivative of amphetamines. We provide this test in cassette and strip formats that provides you with a preliminary test to let you know if you should order a specific test.
  • Cocaine Test – Abuse of cocaine can harm a person. When used regularly, it can lead to tolerance and physiological dependency. You may check if someone has been using any drugs in the past 3 days or longer with one of our tests.
  • Oxycodone Test – Oxycodone can be a helpful pain reliever, but over the past few decades, it has started hijacking people’s lives. We have developed a test that detects this drug in urine.

Review our selection of rapid drug tests portfolio and let us know the products that interest you for your lab. Our business is ready to provide you with quality tests that help you identify these terrible drugs in the systems of abusers.

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