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What Do Blood Banks Screen For?

When a person decides to donate blood, criteria must be met by the accepting blood bank. This ensures that all blood donated is a safe as possible for the recipient. Here are a few of the reasons that donors may be deferred from donating due to screening and blood bank tests, which are used to examine blood that has been donated.blood

  • Confidential Questionnaire – a questionnaire is established to screen donors through some basic questions about their lifestyle and physical wellbeing. First, it is customary to ask questions about the current status of the donor’s health. I.E.: Are you feeling ok? Any current illness? Cold? Flu? Fever?
  • Other factors – These other factors include Hepatitis and HIV symptoms, men who have sex with other men, and medical procedures that involve a transfusion of blood within the past 12 months. All of these factors will eliminate the donor from being a viable option as there are too many risks associated with this person.

Tests are then performed on the donated blood to make sure the health of the recipient will be maintained or improved after transfusion. Transmission of a disease to the patient is a true risk associated with a transfusion and will be avoided at all costs with the process of a blood bank ELISA kits.