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Monsters inside Me – Parasite Test Kits Have the Answer

It is a terrifying thought. The television studio that thought up the show by which this article borrows its name had it right. They have cultivated a rather dedicated following and inspired new levels of fear entertainment. The show also begs the question: Could it happen to…

Parasitic infections can happen to anyone. Patients who want—need—to know deserve a fast, accurate answer, and our parasite test kits are here to help. Our toxoplasma test kits, including our immunofluorescence assay variety, are available as ten by eight wells, boast a shelf life of one year, and produce accurate results in approximately 80 minutes. This allows your office to combine affordability and usability to provide your patients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Those who choose our Immunofluorescence Assay kits, give their patients enhanced peace of mind because they incorporate more advanced technology. These kits also arm doctors, PAs, and nurses with images they can show patients. It is used in combination with fluorescence microscopes to identify biomolecules within a cell. With it, dyed target cells are easier to see and reliably identify. This leads to better understanding, more confidence in the treatment, and improved doctor–patient relationships.




One of the most recognized tests for diagnosis of human fascioliasis is the Fasciola IgG ELISA Test. ** The Fasciola IgG ELISA Kit is the perfect testing instrument for early detection of Fasciolasis infection in humans.  The ELISA test principle is based on the Indirect method where microwells are coated with Fasciola antigen.  Results can be obtained in less than 30 minutes.

The Fasciola IgG ELISA kit is one of the most sensitive assays — reporting a sensitivity of 100% and specificity of 100%.  Additional features of the Fasciola IgG ELISA kit is its simple and safe guidelines for reagent preparation, clear instructions on specimen collection, and reliable quality control and storage directions.  Added to these notable features, is the diagnostic importance of these ELISA kits which can be used at medical facilities around the world.


Because Fasciolasis is considered a re-emerging disease in various parts of the world, these ELISA kits are valuable tools in early diagnosis of human fasciolasis in order to establish controls and quickly determine how widespread the disease is in any particular region.

What is Fasciolasis?

Fasciolasis is caused by parasites of the genus Fasciola.  There are two Fasciola species:  Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantic – both can infect humans.


Who are most likely to get infected?  Generally, people who live in agriculture regions where livestock, like sheep and cattle, are farmed.  However, infections have historically been found in many parts of the world.  People become infected by eating uncooked watercress or other aquatic vegetation that has been contaminated with the parasite larvae.  Contaminated water is the usual source of transmission also.

What’s the good news?

Fasciolasis is treatable!  Early in the infection, some people show signs of sickness with fever and mild abdominal pain.  Whereas, in the chronic phase these symptoms become more acute, and can include bile duct problems, and an enlarged liver.  The Fasciola IgG ELISA Test can directly aid patients in either stage.   Examination of serum sample by using a Fasciola IgG ELISA kit is one of the fastest and safest ways to aid in diagnosis and subsequent treatment.  Most people respond well to treatment.


The Fasciola IgG ELISA kit, like many parasitology ELISA kits, is a test for in-vitro diagnostic use only.  If your health organization is interested in learning more about the Fasciola IgG ELISA kit, or other ELISA test kits, or Rapid Test, CLIA kit, IFA Kit, or Serology Test, please see our full product list on our website home page [click here] or contact our Customer Service Representatives at 818-591-3030.

**Not Sold in the USA.