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West Nile Virus ELISA Test | FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of West Nile Virus tests are there?

A West Nile ELISA Test is recommended as the best way to confirm presence of the West Nile virus in human serum.  The West Nile ELISA tests are intended for qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to West Nile virus in blood.

What’s the difference between West Nile IgG ELISA test and West Nile IgM ELISA test?

Early in the infection period virtually all infected persons show signs of IgG antibodies in blood.   The West Nile IgM ELISA Test for IgM antibodies in serum is consistent with acute-phase infection with the West Nile virus.   The West Nile IgM ELISA test may be ordered along with IgG ELISA test, and both may be re-ordered 2-4 weeks later for follow-up analysis.

How does a West Nile ELISA test work?

A West Nile Virus ELISA Test consists of one enzymatically amplified two-step sandwich-type immunoassay.  The West Nile ELISA test kit employes a recombinant antigen called WNRA which can be used as a rapid serological marker for West Nile infection.  A test kit contains sufficient reagents for one plate of 96 wells (12 x 8 strips) each.

What are the notable features of these tests?

West Nile ELISA tests are safe, accurate, and convenient to use.  They have high sensitivity (96%) and specificity (98%) and are cost effective.   West Nile ELISA tests contain easy-to-follow instructions, sufficient materials for specimen collection, and user-friendly test preparation procedures.  Reliable results will be obtained by using precise laboratory techniques and accurately following the package insert.

Can anyone use the West Nile Virus ELISA Test?

If an infection is suspected, a physician can request an analysis of blood from a clinical laboratory. The West Nile ELISA tests are intended for qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies, respectively, to each corresponding kit.  They are not intended to screen blood or blood components.  The West Nile ELISA tests are available for export throughout the world.  In the U.S. the tests are approved for research only.

How long does the test take?

Laboratory testing time for the West Nile ELISA test is approximately 3 hours.

How can I learn more about your West Nile Virus ELISA tests?

Please check our product page for either ELISA test:

Click here for West Nile IgG ELISA test (#8400-25)
Click here for West Nile IgM ELISA test (#8401-25)


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