Did You Know? An Overview of Fall Allergy Facts

Some of the most well-known fall allergies are ragweed, mold and dust mites. However, there are other triggers for seasonal allergies that are lesser known. Here are a few triggers for fall allergies that you don’t think of as often.fall2

  • Leaves – Raking leaves and stirring up allergens go hand in hand. The act of moving the pollen spores in the leaves can certainly give any allergy-sufferer an attack to the respiratory system. Usually, it is followed by sneezing and wheezing for days after the initial raking of the leaves.
  • Back to School – Back to school, or a regular work schedule, can lead to an excess of germs. It can also open you up to a world of mold spores that are in the school all summer and then are opened back up in the fall. School allergies can lead to flare ups in asthma as well as food allergies, pet allergies and dust allergies.
  • Indian Summer Blues – During the warm final months of summer there is the time where it becomes increasingly humid. This time is perfect for the mold spores to grow. This can lead to many allergic reactions for seasonal sufferers.

Looking to beat allergy season this year? Consider an allergy testing kit so that you can avoid your most problematic allergens.

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