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Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. develops, manufacturers, and distributes a wide range of Food Allergen ELISA Kits to assist in the screening and analyses underlying allergen control and food safety as carried out by the food industry, laboratories, physicians, consumers, government agencies, and law enforcement authorities.  These Food Allergen ELISA Kits are screening and quantitative food allergen tests to detect food allergens that increasingly cause allergies to millions of consumers, and to improve food safety of commercially sold food products.  Our unique Food Allergen ELISA Kits are specifically suited to detect allergens, such as almond, walnut, mustard, lupine, hazelnut, peanut, soy, egg, gluten, and beta-lactose/milk residues.  These Food Allergen ELISA Kits are an economical and convenient way to pinpoint specific food allergens to ensure food safety.  Findings on these food allergen tests give a detailed analytical result that can be used to target and eliminate sources of irritation to individual consumers and safeguard food safety in certain segment populations.



Food allergies and labeling continue to be a concern for consumers, government, and the food industry worldwide.  To improve consumer food safety, comply with food allergen screening and labeling laws, and to protect their own reputation and business, food producers need analytical methods to monitor the presence of food allergens in their products to certify food safety.  How can food producers effectively select and implement a detection method from the range of methods available to guarantee food safety?  One of the most widely used methods available are food allergen tests, such as that offered in the Food Allergen ELISA Kits.  Food manufacturers protect those with food allergies by clearly labeling their products with a list of ingredients.  However, Food allergen tests ensure food manufacturers that an unlabeled and potentially dangerous ingredient did not make its way into a food product.  Food Allergen Testing can also add to, and protect, a company’s reputation.  Currently, some companies put a precautionary statement like “may contain peanut and peanut products” on the ingredient label, even though there is very little chance the product actually contains any peanut byproduct.  If food allergen screening, or food allergen testing, is done, then companies may be able to minimize the use of precautionary labels to assure food safety.


Food allergens constitute a high risk for the food industry that wants to guarantee the food safety of their products. The allergenic protein that causes reactions is highly stable and heat resistant.  The only safe course of action to ensure food safety is complete segregation of allergens and correct labeling practices to guide allergic consumers.  If products are mislabeled or contamination occurs, an allergic individual may experience a reaction called anaphylactic shock, a potentially deadly condition that is increasingly observed in the population, particular children.  Food Allergen screening and labeling legislation is in place around the world and food manufacturers increasingly are mandated to conduct formal allergen control, which includes regular food allergen testing.  Many countries, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the European Union, have adopted their own food allergen testing and proper food allergen screening and labeling practices to ensure food safety.


These Food Allergen ELISA Kits are Immunoassay for the Quantitative Determination of a specific food allergen screening of food.  The Food Allergen tests are based on the binding of allergenic protein by specific antibodies. These Food Allergen ELISA Kits are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) that have been developed and are available for the detection of different food allergens.  With the availability of these Food Allergen ELISA Kits, routine food allergen screening of products for the presence of specific food allergens is possible.




The prevalence of food allergies is increasing and there is no cure for the condition.  Food allergic consumers must avoid food allergens and rely on clear and accurate food allergen screening and labeling for establishing food safety.  However, traces of allergenic substances in food may cause problems for allergic individuals as they are inadvertently exposed to these silent allergy causing materials.  Food Allergen ELISA Kits have been found to be increasingly popular among physicians who are looking for a reliable method to aid in the diagnosis of an otherwise difficult diagnostic problem.  The Food Allergen kits will identify the most common food allergy triggers and are a good starting point to identify problem areas.  Specific concerns can be addressed with additional Food Allergen ELISA Kits.  Food Allergen ELISA Kits are designed to detect one allergen at a time.  For this reason, numerous food allergen tests may be needed to detect multiple food allergens.




Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers some of the most extensive collection of food allergen testing products.  An array of Food Allergen ELISA kits have been assembled to serve our customers’ needs.  Benefits of such a range of food Allergen ELISA test kit options include brand name protection, compliance with product and labeling requirements, prevention of costly product recalls, duty of responsibility, and ensuring consumer confidence.

Additional Food ELISA Test Kits offered by our company include the Food Nutrients ELISA Kit, Food Toxins ELISA Kit, and Food Adulterants ELISA Kits.  For further information regarding specific food allergen tests, Food Allergen ELISA Kits, Food Allergen screening, food safety or any other Food ELISA Test Kit, please contact our Customer Service Department.


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