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Lyme Disease ELISA Test

Cautionary tales are circulating!

Lyme disease may be on the increase due to global warming.


Experts agree that with the increase in temperatures and rainfall worldwide, infectious agents may also be on the increase.   Various insects and parasites  (and in the case of Lyme disease, ticks) can be seriously affected by warmer climates.   Leading scientists are predicting that there may be higher incidence of infectious diseases, such as Dengue, Malaria, West Nile, and Lyme Disease.


Health officials have reported that many areas of Europe, Asia, South America, and the U.S. have reported increased Lyme disease infections in their communities.  Are doctors, health practitioners, clinical labs, and hospitals prepared for possible emerging epidemics, especially that of Lyme disease?  Conferences have been arranged to discuss climate change and its correlation to infectious disease, such as Lyme disease.  Consider attending any upcoming event in your particular area regarding infectious disease and climate change.


Lyme Disease is transmitted to humans through ticks carrying a pathogenic bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi.  Tests should be ordered immediately if a patient has been suspected of being infected.  Typical symptoms of Lyme disease infection include:  fever, headache, fatigue, and a skin rash.  If not treated in a timely fashion, Lyme disease infection can spread to joints, nervous system, and the heart.


Lyme Disease IgG/IgM ELISA Test


Preferred Lyme Disease ELISA Tests and IFA Test Kits

Two commonly preferred tests are the Lyme Disease ELISA and Lyme Disease IFA – both designed to qualitatively detect antibodies present in the patient’s blood that have been triggered by the infection with B. burgdorferi bacterium.
To many, the Lyme Disease ELISA test is the simplest and most sensitive screening tool to identify Lyme disease antibodies.  Diagnostic Automation offers three types of ELISA tests: Lyme Disease IgG, IgM, and IgG/IgM combination.  If there is a recent infection, the doctor may order both an IgG and IgM antibody blood test.   Special features of the Lyme Disease ELISA kit are the safe and user-friendly test preparation and specimen collection procedures, and the timely fashion in which results are obtained — approximately 70 minutes.   Click here for Lyme Disease ELISA Test product page.


Another effective and inexpensive test is the Lyme Disease IFA test.  Lyme Disease IFA tests are particularly useful for, but not limited to, the diagnosis of Lyme disease in its later stages.  The system employes the Lyme disease spirochetes (B.burgdorferi) immobilized on a glass slide to bind with antibodies, while subsequently adding fluorescein-labeled anti-human immunoglobulin to cause the spirochetes to fluoresce.  Refer to our Lyme Disease IFA product list for various types of IFA kits.  Click here for Lyme Disease IFA Test product page.


Don’t be caught short this season.  Be prepared!  Order Lyme Disease ELISA tests or Lyme Disease IFA test kits today.   Look over our vast product line of ELISA Tests, IFA Kits, and Rapid Tests, in particular dealing with infectious diseases.  Those include:  West Nile ELISA Tests, Malaria ELISA Tests, Malaria Rapid Tests, Dengue ELISA and Rapid Tests, and Dengue NS1 ELISA and Rapid Tests.


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