Testing for Salmonella with Our Salmonella Rapid Test Kit

Summer is the season for Salmonella. Whether people are eating at weird places, just not properly handling food, or playing with animals, it’s very possible that you can get Salmonella food poisoning. Children are more likely to get Salmonella, but older adults and people who have issues with their immune systems can get it as well.  You can know if you or your patients are suffering from this disease using Salmonella rapid tests from Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. 

Salmonella is caused by Salmonella typhi bacterium and spread by variety ofways, but most people usually get it by eating contaminated food. Food can be contaminated by someone who has not washed their hands and has the disease. Salmonella is also found in the feces of pets, as well as on reptiles, small rodents, and ducks. It’s important to make sure that you and your family wash your hands at all times after touching any strange animals, after cleaning up after your pets, or before handling food.

Most people who have Salmonella get stomach cramps, a fever, and diarrhea, which can cause intense dehydration. Generally, this disease is treated by managing the symptoms until everything passes. Once you have taken one of our rapid tests, the doctors will know exactly what problems you have and will be able to properly treat you.

salmonella Rapidtest

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