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Diagnosing Chlamydia using our Chlamydia Rapid Tests

Chlamydia Rapid Tests | RapidTest.comHaving a sexually transmitted disease is problematic for a sexually active person. First of all, it’s painful and generally unsightly. Second of all, it’s easy to pass it on to another person without using proper protection. Help your patients discover if they have a sexually transmitted disease using rapid tests from Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. Our business offers a wide array of STD tests, including Chlamydia Rapid Tests for both men and women.

Chlamydia is a relatively common sexually transmitted disease that is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. This disease can be transmitted during vaginal sex, as well as oral and anal sex. In men, it usually infects the urethra, causing a white discharge that may or may not be painful. When it affects women, they generally have no symptoms and do not even know that they are infected. This is why it’s very important to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases in individuals who are actively seeking out new sexual partners. You may not even know you have it!

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Los Angeles based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is pleased to offer a OneStep Chlamydia RapiCard™ InstaTest which is a rapid immunoassay for direct qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen in swab specimens.  The Chlamydia Rapid Test is an easy-to-use test for point-of-care diagnosis of a chlamydia infection.  The Chlamydia Rapid Tests are quick and simple tests individually designed for either female or male patients looking for a reliable type of STD Test Kit.


Chlamydia, caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis, is regarded as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) in both men and women today, most frequently affecting the young population between the ages of 16-24 years.  Because the chlamydia infection has no symptoms, the rate of infection can be nearly twice as that reported. If caught early, by using such tests as Chlamydia Rapid Test, chlamydia is easily cured with antibiotics.  That is why annual screening using tests like the Chlamydia Rapid Test is highly recommended, especially for all sexually active men and women.  Retesting with the Chlamydia rapid test is also advised three months after infection has been detected.  Because of these facts, annual use of a Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit, or STD Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit, is recommended to safeguard against further STD infections, such as the chlamydia infection.


Chlamydia is known as the “silent disease” because symptoms of Chlamydia infection often go unnoticed before damage is done to the infected.  Although Chlamydia can be detected using tests like the Chlamydia Rapid Test and cured with antibiotics, studies have shown that if left untreated, serious complications can arise including infertility in both women and men.  Because of these facts, Chlamydia screening with tests like the Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit is recommended on a regular basis, especially for the young population.  If positive results appear, visiting a doctor for clinical lab testing is a must.  After cured, once a year visit to the doctor is advised for a Chlamydia Rapid Test, or an STD Test, as it is possible to be reinfected with the disease even after Chlamydia Rapid test treatment.  If rapid STD test kits like this Chlamydia Rapid Test kit are not readily available to clinics, labs, and doctors around the world, it will be difficult to stem the tide of increasing chlamydia infection globally.  This Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit for both men and women is a serious way forward in diagnosing, treating, and curing chlamydia infections.



Recent studies have shown that in the United States alone, less than 40% of young women, ages 15 to 25, who are sexually active, were screened for chlamydia infection, using simple tests like this Chlamydia Rapid Test.  If caught early, by using an STD test kit like this Chlamydia Rapid Test, chlamydia is easily cured with antibiotics.  That is why annual screening using tests like this Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit is important for not only women in the United States but those around the world.  Not doing so, allows this “silent disease” to cause sometimes irreversible damage to the female patient.  Infections can spread into the uterus or fallopian tubes and cause pelvic inflammatory disease.  Undetected infections in the upper genital tract can also damage the uterus and surrounding tissues, causing chronic pain, infertility and potentially fatal ectopic pregnancies.  Studies have revealed also that chlamydia may make a woman more vulnerable to HIV infections.  It is critical that women avail themselves of tests like this Chlamydia Rapid Test and that health care professionals around the world be aware of the importance of sexually active young female patients getting STD tests like the Chlamydia Rapid Test on a regular basis.  Of course, retesting with Chlamydia Rapid Test after three to six months of infection is highly recommended to prevent further infection.  The Chlamydia Rapid Test contains non-invasive and easy-to-use components for convenient and practical treatment of female patients.



Recent studies have shown that chlamydia in men is more common than other male sexually transmitted diseases, with millions of newly reported cases each year.  Chlamydia in men, especially men under 25 who have had more than one partner within the prior year, affects a huge portion of the population, and sexually active young men should make a point of having frequent chlamydia tests like this Chlamydia Rapid Test.  Because the disease is asymptomatic in both men and women, it is important men get an STD test like this Chlamydia Rapid Test in order to successfully treat the infection on the spot.  The most common site of the chlamydia infection in men is inside the urethra, the tube through which men urinate and pass sperm.  If symptoms show in men, they may include discharge or pain when passing urine.  If untreated with a test like the Chlamydia rapid test, it may be a cause of reduced fertility.  Without an effective Chlamydia rapid testing program in particular for men, control of chlamydia infection globally is nearly impossible.  Application of this easy-to-use Chlamydia Rapid Test to detect chlamydia trachomatis antigen in the male patient is simple, quick, and convenient.  The Chlamydia Rapid Test is designed specifically for men and will allow doctors to diagnose the chlamydia infection quickly and successfully.  This Chlamydia rapid test is both accurate and swift, allowing men to be tested and treated on site in one visit.  It is hoped that the Chlamydia rapid test, or STD test, will also be of particular use in the developing world, where management of Chlamydia in men is often based on self-diagnosis and specific diagnostic tests are rarely available. The Chlamydia Rapid Test is an effective screening control and good for health clinics or doctor’s offices where the male patient can get tested and wait for results.  The Chlamydia Rapid Test contains easy-to-use components for convenient and effective treatment of male patients.




The Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit utilizes the chemical extraction of a carbohydrate antigen from chlamydia followed by the utilization of migratory color immunoassay technology for the qualitative detection of Chlamydia trachomatis. In the Chlamydia Rapid test procedure, a unique set of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies are reemployed. On the Chlamydia Rapid Test, one antibody is immobilized on a porous membrane while the other antibody is conjugated to dye particles as signaling component. A swab specimen from a patient is treated with extraction reagent A and B to extract the antigen.  The Chlamydia rapid test dipstick is then immersed in the extraction sample. The liquid migrates through the absorbent area and along the membrane on the Chlamydia rapid test.  If Chlamydia trachomatis antigen is present on the Chlamydia rapid test, the labeled antibody-dye conjugate binds to it, forming an antibody-antigen complex. As the mixture flows along the membrane of the Chlamydia rapid test, the complex is captured by the antibody immobilized in the test zone (T) of the membrane, producing a visible rose-pink color band. Another dye-conjugated reagent on the Chlamydia rapid test is captured by the antibody immobilized in the control zone (C) of the membrane.  A rose-pink line in the Chlamydia rapid test zone ( T ) indicates the presence of Chlamydia trachomatis antigen. A rose-pink line in the control zone (C) indicates the Chlamydia rapid test is working properly. When only a control line appears with no test line, Chlamydia trachomatis antigen has not been detected and the Chlamydia rapid test result is considered negative. The control line on the Chlamydia rapid test gives an added measure of quality control by demonstrating antibody recognition, assuring that the Chlamydia rapid test procedure was performed correctly, and that the Chlamydia rapid test reagents are chemically active. A desiccant is enclosed with the Chlamydia rapid test device to stabilize the reactive agents.


Diagnostic Automatic/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.’s Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit is one of the best STD test kits on the market today.  The Chlamydia Rapid Test is an effective and reliable tool to test and treat female and male patients who are susceptible to chlamydia infection.  We also offer other convenient and highly effective STD test kits:  HIV Rapid Tests, Gonorrhea Rapid Tests, Syphilis Rapid Tests, Chlamydia IgA ELISA Kit, Chlamydia IgG ELISA Kit, Chlamydia IgM ELISA Kit, HIV ELISA Kits, Syphilis ELISA Kits, and HSV ELISA Kits.  For more information on the Chlamydia Rapid Test Kit, or any other STD test kit, please contact our Customer Service Department.