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Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical test kits in the U.S. and throughout the world, offers a wide variety of Dengue ELISA Kits and Dengue Rapid Tests to its customers.  Contained on our web site are frequently asked questions from our customers about Dengue ELISA Kits and Dengue Rapid Tests.   Below is a sample of some of those questions that we feel will assist any hospital, clinic, or health organization in making a decision about the proper medical testing equipment for your particular population.  Please see the product inserts for more specific information on each product, or contact our Customer Service Department for any further information on these Dengue ELISA Kits, Dengue Rapid Test Kits, or any other medical testing products.




Available Dengue ELISA Test Kits:

Dengue Antibody IgG/IgM ELISA Kit  (#8115-3)

Dengue Antibody – IgG ELISA Kit  (# 8116-3)

Dengue Antibody IgM ELISA Kit  (#8117-3)


What serotypes does the Dengue ELISA Kit use?

The Dengue ELISA kits contain micro wells that are coated with purified dengue virus antigen from vero cell cultured type 1-4 dengue.


What is the sensitivity and specificity of the Dengue ELISA Kits?

Dengue IgG/IgM ELISA test is 100% and 78%;  Dengue IgG ELISA test is 100% and 96%; Dengue IgM ELISA test is 100% and 86%.  See package inserts for details on Dengue ELISA test kits.


Why are 2 wells per sample needed on the Dengue ELISA Kits?

In addition to Dengue recombinant antigen, samples on the Dengue ELISA tests are screened with a normal cell antigen.  This step on the Dengue ELISA test optimizes the specificity by helping eliminate any false positives that may occur in the Dengue ELISA test because of non-specific interactions of the antigen with the sample.


How many unknown samples can be tested with the Dengue ELISA Kit?

Up to as many as 44 samples can be tested on the Dengue ELISA Kit.


What is the storage of the Dengue ELISA test Kit?

Storage of Dengue ELISA Kits range from 2 – 8 degrees celsius.


What is the shelf life of the Dengue ELISA test kits?

Storage time of the Dengue ELISA test kits is 12 months from manufacture date.


What is the cpt code of Dengue ELISA kit?

Generally there is a common generic code available for these Dengue ELISA tests Dengue IgG/IgM ELISA test, Dengue IgG ELISA test, and Dengue IgM ELISA test.  For the latest specific code number, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Do you also have Dengue NS1 ELISA kits?

Yes, we offer Dengue NS1 ELISA kit (#8404-25) and Dengue NS1 Rapid Test (#173110-25).  Contact our Customer Service Department for more information.


Do you distribute Dengue NS1 Rapid Tests?

We offer a fast and easy-to-use Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test (#173110-25).  See our Customer Service Department or product inserts for more information.





Dengue IgG/IgM Antibody Rapid Test (#173106L-25)


What serotypes does the Dengue Rapid Test detect?

This Dengue Rapid Test is a new generation immunochromatographic test using recombinant dengue viral antigens of all four serotypes (DENV 1-4) to detect specific antibody response. By using a mixture of highly purified dengue proteins, the Dengue Rapid Test is able to detect all 4 Dengue serotypes.


What principle is used in the Dengue Rapid Test?

This Dengue Fever Rapid Test is a qualitative immunochromatographic test for the simultaneous detection of IgM and IgG antibodies to dengue virus in human serum, plasma, or whole blood.


How effective is the Dengue Rapid Test in detecting Dengue fever in patients?

A high proportion of dengue virus infections can be detected swiftly and easily using a Dengue Rapid Test.  The Dengue Rapid Test can help to diagnose active dengue infections from the very first day fever appears.  In facilitating early diagnosis by using this Dengue Rapid Test, therapy and monitoring can begin much earlier, reducing the risk of severe complications.


What is the storage of the Dengue Rapid Test Kit?

Serum/Plasma of the Dengue Rapid Test Kit may be stored at 2 – 8 degrees celsius up to 3 days.  For long-term storage, freeze the specimen at -20 degrees celsius for 3 months, or -70 degrees celsius for longer periods.  See product insert of Dengue Rapid Test Kit for more details.


What is the total time it takes to process a sample on the Dengue Rapid Test?

Time to process samples on Dengue Rapid Test Kit is approximately 30 minutes.  Once the Dengue Rapid Test sample is applied, results can be obtained within 20 minutes.