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Implementing a Drug-Free Workplace | Drug test kits

Are you a business owner and considering implementing a drug-free workplace? The decision to enforce a drug-free environment and institute drug testing is an important one, but we also know you don’t come to that decision lightly. There are a lot of logistics and legal matters involved, but while those might seem like negatives initially, the positives of a drug-free staff are innumerable.

Workplace drug testing lets employers ensure their employees are not using illegal drugs on the job or during their time off. While it may cost money upfront to test your employees, the advantage of testing makes it worth the cost.

Ensure Employees Safety – Some jobs are dangerous. Using heavy equipment or driving a truck requires an employee to be completely alert. Drug testing before your employee starts their shift will ensure that they aren’t working while under the influence, protecting them and other staff from potential accidents.

Avoiding Problems Down the Road – Screening potential hires allows you to be sure they are clean and sober before you officially hire them. Once hired, regular screening allows you to ensure that a drug problem doesn’t quickly spiral out of control – costing you time, money and manpower.

The cost and potential inconvenience of implementing a drug-free workplace are far outweighed by the benefit of knowing your employees are coming to work clean, sober and ready to do their job. Drug test kits are simple, fast and easy to use. Get started today!

Effective Rapid Cocaine Testing Kits |Rapid Cocaine Drug Test

Cocaine Testing | RapidTest.comLaboratories that offer expanded testing options to medical providers and patients are able to attract more business. Drug testing encourages employers and law enforcement agencies to work closely with labs in order to determine whether an individual has been using an illegal substance. Cocaine testing kits from Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. utilize urine samples to determine whether it is likely that the individual being tested has used cocaine.

The absence of a colored band on this test indicates a positive result. This test is used to detect the presence of cocaine in the urine, and levels above a specified cut-off point will return a positive result. A colored band will show up if there is no cocaine in the urine sample.

Cocaine is excreted in the urine primarily as benzoylecgonine in a short period. A standard cut-off level of 300 ng/ml of benzoylecgonine is used for the cocaine rapid test. If laboratories would like the test to return results for a different level of benzoylecgonine, there are custom test strips available to meet these needs. The rapid test is most useful approximately 12 to 72 hours following cocaine use.

The Rapid Cocaine Drug Test test is only intended to give a preliminary result. Lab technicians are able to give this initial result to patients, employers or law enforcement agencies to ensure that further testing is pursued as needed.

MDMA Testing For Modern Employers | MDMA Rapid Drug Test

MDMA Testing | RapidTest.comThese days, drug abuse costs employers quite a bit in terms of time, money and aggravation. Employees with drug habits can cause a wide variety of accidents and problems. Fortunately, employers can do much to limit their liability. Drug tests can help employers identify staff members with drug problems. Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers a variety of drug test kits that can be used in drug testing labs. MDMA Rapid Drug Test is a popular one.

Lately, MDMA has become a major problem in modern society. Commonly known as ecstasy, this drug is known for creating initial feelings of euphoria and sociability. However, MDMA is highly addictive and can cause people to lose control of their lives. Research has shown that MDMA addicts are predisposed to steal. Drug testing is one of the best ways for improving employee productivity. The best drug test makers provide test kits that are affordable and effective. These tests are ideal for making sure that MDMA doesn’t cause problems in the workplace.

Throughout the modern world, MDMA testing has proven its value many times over. Although public health officials are doing their best to solve the illegal drug problem, the drug epidemic continues to affect people for years to come. As long as illegal drugs lead to widespread addiction, drug testing will continue to play an extremely important role for employers of all kinds. Certainly, MDMA isn’t the most dangerous drug known to humanity. However, this drug is serious enough to cause addiction and a wide number of associated problems.

Opiates Drug Test and Public Safety

Opiate Combination Test | RapidTest.comRight now, people are coming together across societal and social divides to work on ways to combat the epidemic of drug abuse. As more and more people deal with addictions to heroin and prescription painkillers, opiates are taking center stage in national drug policy. In line with trends across the developed world, policy makers in the United States are increasingly framing opiate abuse as a medical problem. Appropriately, opiate addicts are now more likely to be viewed as people who need help and support to overcome their addictions.

Despite the growth of this humane new approach, there is still a legitimate need to screen for opiate abuse. All of the understanding in the world can’t change the fact that opiate addiction can lead to accidents in the home and the workplace. Furthermore, it is a demonstrable fact that individuals in the throes of addiction are more likely to exhibit problem behaviors like theft and deception. For these and many other reasons, opiates drug testing remains a very important tool for building a safer society.

Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. opiate drug test (in combination) are ideal as they can immediately screen for a variety of different opiates. From doctors investigating their patients to employers vetting job applicants, many types of people use opiates drug testing as a matter of course. Using the best opiate combination tests, people can ensure they have safer environments with fewer avoidable problems or crises.

Reasons To Stock Your Lab With Marijuana Drug Tests

Marijuana Drug Tests | RapidTest.comMedical providers who stock their labs with Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.’s marijuana drug tests are able to provide a wider range of testing options to their patients. People who work for employers that require random drug testing often need to have a urine test for marijuana completed, and waiting for results can cause these individuals to be out of work. Rapid tests for marijuana use allow employers to quickly find out whether their employees are fit for work by providing instant results. This preliminary option for marijuana drug testing lets people know if they need to undergo more stringent testing. A more thorough test should be completed in the case of a positive result.

The marijuana drug InstaTest available in strip or cassette formats, evaluates the interaction between antibodies and antigens in the urine. This is a test that many laboratories do not provide for their patients, and people who need to undergo drug testing often have to turn to a specialized lab to have this test completed. Medical providers who are proactive about serving their patients can stock their labs with these tests. Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc . tests are inexpensive and have a high rate of accuracy. A colored band appears when the test reads negative, and the absence of this band indicates that the individual is likely to have used marijuana in the recent past. This easy-to-read test expands the offerings of a lab for the convenience of patients.

Using Our Heroin and Methadone Rapid Drug Tests

Rapid Drug Tests | RapidTest.comUnderstanding which drugs are in your patient’s systems can affect how you treat someone. Heroin and methadone rapid drug tests from Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. provide swift and accurate results. Whether you have a patient who is not being honest with you or are just not sure which drugs your patients are taking, these tests help you make the right choices.

Methadone, a synthetic opioid drug, is currently available as part of a treatment for severe pain and as an alternative for morphine and heroin addicts. Our tests can detect the presence of methadone in human urine samples. These tests are perfect for use in a point-of-care setting.

We also carry heroin tests that are part of our multiple drug tests. These selections can detect the presence of heroin, as well as morphine and other opiates in urine. The drugs can be detected several days after the time of administration. Our tests provide preliminary analytical test results. We recommend that a more specific alternative testing method to be performed in order to receive a confirmed report.

Contact Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. to ask any questions you may have about our rapid drug tests. We are ready to provide you with great options for your clinic, hospital, or lab.

More Rapid Drug Tests for Your Needs | Drug test kits

Rapid Drug Tests | RapidTest.comIn the past, we have covered some of the rapid drug tests that we have available. Diagnostic Automation / Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. continues to offer quick and efficient drug test kits that can be used to see if someone has been abusing drugs. Using our tests, you can figure out what kind of additional testing is necessary. Our tests include:

  • Marijuana Drug Tests – While marijuana is gaining steam as a legal drug, it is still illegal as a recreational drug in many places throughout the United States and the world. Cassette and strip marijuana tests are available for preliminary testing.
  • K2 or Spice Drug Test – At one point, this was a legal alternative to marijuana. Many people began using it and it eventually became illegal. Studies have shown that this drug can make people unstable. 
  • MDMA or Ecstasy Drug Test – This party drug is still very popular among teens and young adults. This test is ideal when used in a point of care setting. 

Take a look at our portfolio of rapid drug tests and see which selections you would like to use in your lab. Our company knows that you look for dependable tests to help you understand what you may need to take when treating someone who is abusing drugs.





Businesses and government agencies around the world are facing a myriad of problems regarding drug use, specifically cocaine drug use, by employees in the workplace.  Some have chosen to have their employees sent to a clinic to take a cocaine drug test, or a multi drug test, and some have chosen to conduct the drug test(s) on site.


What kind of business would consider conducting drug tests for their employees?  There are many reasons to require a cocaine drug test, or maybe even a multi drug test for employees.  Most private companies are not required to give drug tests, multi drug tests, alcohol and drug tests, or a specific drug test like a cocaine drug test.  However, there are several reasons why some companies, large and small, would administer drug tests, like the cocaine drug test, to their employees.  First of all, safety-sensitive industries that are regulated by certain federal or state agencies must include testing of employees, such as the cocaine drug test, or in some cases, multi drug tests. This would involve drug testing to avoid violation of OSHA and state occupational safety laws.  Also, any industry connected to transportation of goods or services must consider cocaine drug tests for the safety of their employees, customers, and the general populace, not to mention avoiding violation of intra state transportation laws.  This would include cocaine drug tests, or multi drug tests, for jobs such as airline/maritime pilots and personnel, trucking company drivers, railroad employees, taxi cab drivers, delivery personnel, mass transit drivers, as well as those connected to military and government agencies.  Of course those companies employing professionals in the health field need to consider drug testing, for the safety of their employees and patients, and a drug test like the cocaine drug test is popular in the construction industry too, in addition to multi drug testing in pipeline and hazardous materials jobs.  As one can see, the list is long for workplace considerations on such drug tests as the cocaine drug test.


Then there are those companies who must consider employee drug testing, like a cocaine drug test, in order to comply with workmen’s compensation requirements.  Many employers who drug test their employees, as in a cocaine drug test or multi drug tests, qualify their company for certain discounts on insurance premiums that involve safety in the workplace.  Other reasons for offering a cocaine drug test, or multi drug test, would be to avoid legal liability.  If other employees, or customers, were harmed for any reason through cocaine drug use or other multi drug use by an employee, the company would be liable for damages.  Lastly, it is cost effective for a business, whether large or small, to regularly administer drug tests like a cocaine drug test, in order to save money in the long run.  Studies have shown that billions of dollars a year are spent by companies on such things as lost productivity due to absences and tardies, costs due to workplace accidents, and high workmen’s compensation claims.  In addition, these cocaine drug tests, or use of multi drug tests, can be administered for pre-employment screening, as part of the hiring process, to ensure against future problems due to regular drug use in the workplace.




Requiring drug tests like a cocaine drug test has become a common practice among many businesses, companies, and government agencies.  Sports organizations also routinely test athletes for illegal drug substances, like the cocaine drug, or performance enhancing drugs.  There are a multitude of facilities, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals, occupational health clinics, and individual laboratories that are directly involved in cocaine drug testing programs, and/or multi drug testing programs.  Employers can make a difference using cocaine drug testing procedures.  The cocaine drug testing program, or any multi drug test program, will act as a road map for managers and supervisors.    Current research indicates that more than 70% of illegal drug users are employed in full and part-time jobs in the U.S alone.  Consequently, the result is a large impaired portion of the national workforce.  When an employee is impaired on the job, the company has not only lost one productive employee, but in fact has dramatically reduced the productivity of all the other workers who they interact with. Drug use in the workplace has a ripple effect. Not only is productivity reduced, but company morale is negatively impacted, causing good employees to leave the company to avoid drug impaired co-workers.   For the typical employer, that means unhealthy employees, unsafe working conditions, loss of productivity, smaller profits, more accidents, higher medical claims expenses, and a host of other negative effects for the employer and the employees.  Workers may also be coming to work more stressed out which can play a role in increased drug abuse.  The desire for businesses to have more cocaine drug testing or multi drug testing programs in the workplace has been amplified in recent years due to job insecurity and a trend toward working longer hours by their employees. Companies can minimize the chance of having to deal with a serious job performance problem in the workplace, and in the process support a better quality of life for employees, by implementing a cocaine drug testing, or a multi drug testing program in their company.   Use of the cocaine drug test, or a multi drug test program, will reinforce the message to employees and customers that a positive work environment is a high priority.  To combat the drug abuse problem, many employers offer EAP’s (employee assistance programs) that include cocaine drug use counseling.




A cocaine drug test, or a multi drug test, can be administered on site or done in a laboratory.  The easy-to-use cocaine drug test, or any combination multi drug test, manufactured and distributed by Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., are some of the best quality drug tests available on the market today.   These simple-to-use drug testing kits do not require any professional assistance, which makes them perfect to be used at workplaces anytime.  The cocaine drug test is an immuneochromatography-based one step in vitro test.  The cocaine drug test is designed for qualitative determination of cocaine’s metabolite, benzoylecgonine in human urine specimen above a cutoff level of 300 ng/ml.   Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. also offers multi drug tests which can detect cocaine and any other combination of drugs (and alcohol) through multi panel drug tests, from 2 panel to 9 panel drug tests.  For customized cutoff level cocaine drug tests, or multi panel drug tests, please contact our Customer Service Department. The cocaine drug test (COC Drug Test) is available in multi-panel, cassette, strip, or cup format.  The multi panel drug testing kits are also available in cassette, strip, or cup format.


When it comes to workplace drug testing, the usage of drug testing kits becomes imperative. It is not only because of their ease of use but also for accurate and quick results.  The results of the cocaine drug test or multi drug test are highly reliable and accurate.  Moreover, these drug test kits do not take more than 5 minutes to show the results, making it possible, if necessary, for a business or public organization to take quick action against drug usage.   Implementing a drug feee workplace program takes thoughtful consideration of what the business or organization is trying to accomplish, how they want to accomplish it, how much it will cost, and how much it will save.  In offering top quality – cost effective cocaine drug tests and multi drug tests, Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. establishes itself as an integral part of any business and organization’s commitment to implement effective workplace drug testing programs and in the long run, be part of the solution in decreasing workplace drug abuse problems.

COCAINE DRUG TEST – COC Drug Test – FDA,CE certified


Urinalysis is the most frequently used and least expensive form of cocaine drug testing devices used by organizations today. The results are taken from a urine sample on the cocaine drug test which provides information and indication of recent cocaine drug use. The Cocaine Drug Test is fast, accurate, and easy to perform.  These are the same cocaine drug tests that are usually sold to employers, courts, schools, drug counselors, and rehab centers. An ideal cocaine drug test kit for employees, schools, and rehab centers, these cocaine drug testing kits are easy to use and are highly recommended by our distributors.


Sometimes drug testing is an important part of the hiring process for a business, and a cocaine drug test can specifically catch violators at the outset if they have had recent cocaine drug use.  Usually, the hiring company contracts with an independent laboratory to conduct pre-employment drug tests.  In this instance, a potential employee is asked to get a cocaine drug test, or a multi drug test, at this particular drug testing facility.  Drug testing is also an important preventative measure to guard against workplace accidents by employees.  Cocaine drug testing devices, and any multi drug test, can help the businesses screen employees for illegal drug use, especially for marijuana and cocaine.  Cocaine drug tests, and multi drug test kits, are also popular at educational and sports facilities to screen for illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.  The easy-to-use cocaine drug tests are frequently requested by rehab facilities who want to specifically test their clients for cocaine drug use.


Our Cocaine Drug Test (COC Drug Test) is an immunochromatography based one step in vitro test. This cocaine drug test is designed for qualitative determination of cocaine drug substances in human urine specimens.


The Cocaine Drug Testing device is based on the principle of specific immunochemical reaction between antibodies and antigens to analyze particular compounds in human urine specimen. The assay relies on the competition for binding antibody between drug conjugate and free drug which may be present in the urine specimen being tested. When the cocaine drug is present in the urine specimen, it competes with drug conjugate for the limited amount of antibody-dye conjugate. When the amount of the cocaine drug is equal or more than the cut-off, it will prevent the binding of drug conjugate to the antibody. Therefore, a positive urine specimen on the Cocaine Drug Test will not show a colored band on the test line zone, indicating a positive result, while the presence of a colored band indicates a negative result. A control line is present in the test window to work as procedural control. This colored band should always appear on the control line zone if the Cocaine Drug testing device is stored in good condition and the Cocaine Drug Test is performed appropriately.


This Cocaine Drug Test (COC Drug Test) provides only a preliminary analytical test result. A more specific alternative chemical method must be used in order to obtain a confirmed analytical result. Gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) has been established as the preferred confirmatory method by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Clinical consideration and professional judgment should be applied to any drug of abuse test result, particularly when preliminary positive results are indicated.


The optional built-in Adulteration Test is for validation of urine specimen’s integrity and must not be used for In Vitro diagnostic use. The cutoff level for this Cocaine Drug Test (COC Drug Test) is 300 ng/ml of benzoylecgonine. For customized cutoff level cocaine drug tests, please contact Customer Service. This Cocaine Drug Test (COC Drug Test) is available in multi-panel, cassette, strip, or cup format.



Customers who use our Cocaine Drug Test, also request multi drug test kits for any combination of drugs and alcohol:  Amphetamin (AMP), Barbiturate (BAR), Benzodiazepine (BZD), Buprenorphine (BUP),  Cannabinoid (THC), Cocaine (COC), Ecstasy (MDMA), Fentanyl (FTYL), Ketamine, Methadone (MTD), Methamphetamine (MET), Methylphenidate (MPD), Opiate (OPI) (MOR), Opiate II (OPI) (MOR) (HER), Oxycodone (Oxy), Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene (PRP), Tramadol, Tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), and ALCOHOL. 


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. is a USA based company manufacturing and distributing ELISA Test Kits (Autoimmune diseases ELISA Kit, Cardiac Markers, Allergy ELISA kits, HIV ELISA kits, etc.) and Rapid Tests (HIV Rapid Test, Drug Tests or Drugs of Abuse Rapid Tests, Cardiac Rapid Tests, Allergy Rapid Tests, Cancer Rapid Tests, Pregnancy Rapid Tests, Urine Reagent Strips, etc.) and IFA Kits (Autoimmune diseases IFA Kits, Autoimmune Disease Kits, Bacterial Disease IFA Kits, etc.) and Chemilluminescence immuno assays (Infectious Disease kits, Fertility Assays/CLIA kits, Diabetes Assays/CLIA kits, Cardio-Vascular/CLIA kits, Tumor Marker Assays kits, etc.) and ELISA readers – ELISA washers and Serology test kits.


Please contact our Customer Service Department for information about any of these ELISA Test Kits, CLIA Kits, IFA Kits, or any other drug testing products of interest.



Urine sample adulteration on drug tests, in order to purposely pass a drug test, is a serious problem.  Thousands of Internet sites promise assistance to people who want to pass a drug test.  Some individuals may use recreational drugs infrequently, but even if they do, they become suspect on a random drug test, for example, at the workplace.  There is a huge market for products that promise to eliminate traces of drug substances from urine in order to pass a drug test, but many of these products don’t work or contain ingredients that are screened on drug tests in laboratories.


Adulteration of a drug test is loosely defined as manipulating a urine specimen with the intention of altering the drug test results in order to pass the drug test.  Users of illicit drugs have attempted to pass drug tests by adding foreign substances (adulterants) to their urine after collection.  The use of adulterants before submitting to a drug test can cause false negative results in drug tests by either interfering with the screening test and/ or destroying the drugs present in the urine. Dilution may also be employed in an attempt to produce false negative drug test results.  A person may attempt to pass a drug test by drinking excessive amounts of water and other foreign substances.


The validity of the drug test program depends on the integrity of the urine sample on the drug test.  To detect for the presence of these adulterants, labs, hospitals, medical centers, doctors’ offices, treatment facilities, schools, private businesses, etc. have greatly improved their methods in performing accurate urine drug tests.  Urine is the specimen of choice on a drug test since it contains the most metabolites.  One of the best ways to test for adulteration or dilution on a urine drug test is to determine certain urinary characteristics such as creatinine, pH, and specific gravity and to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde, nitrite and oxidants/pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC), such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide, in urine.


Drug testing has become commonplace for many new job applicants, random drug testing in the workplace occurs more frequently, and drug testing may be a requirement for many other situations.  For example, urine drug testing has become an important part of judicial drug testing for courts, lawyers, and forensic drug investigations.


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., a company committed to making the best quality drug tests at fair and competitive prices worldwide, and a leading provider of drug test services, offers top of the line urine drug test kits.  Our Rapid Test Kit for urinalysis is one of the most popular drug test kits ordered by our customers.  These widely-used drug test kits are the most accurate and inexpensive drug tests in detecting adulterated urine specimens on drug tests.  These Urine Rapid Test Kits allow for quick and accurate urine analysis drug test results.  These convenient and easy to use urine analysis drug test kits can immediately detect any drug adulteration that would falsely identify a pass drug analysis.   The FDA, CE, and Health Canada approved Rapid Test Kits are thus the perfect worldwide drug test devices in use today.