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HIV Rapid Test Kit


Los Angeles-based Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of drug testing products worldwide, is pleased to offer a top of the line HIV Rapid Test.  This HIV Rapid Test, a OneStep HIV 1+2 Rapid Test (cassette format) is a direct binding screening test for the presence of antibodies of HIV 1 and 2 viruses.  The HIV Rapid Test is based on the principle of double sandwich immunoassay for the determination of anti-HIV-1 and anti-HIV-2 in serum/plasma.  Recombinant HIV antigens are employed to specifically identity anti-HIV antibodies on the HIV Rapid Test.  This HIV Rapid Test is for in vitro diagnostic use only.  The HIV Rapid Test comes in cassette (RapiCard) format.*




Experts agree that using tests like the HIV Rapid Test is an essential part of stopping the spread of HIV.  The HIV Rapid Test provides the quick results that most patients desire. The standard screening test for HIV is an HIV ELISA test.   This HIV ELISA test requires a small sample of blood from the patient, but typically requires two visits.  Studies have shown that those being screened for HIV testing where the blood is sent to an outside laboratory, do not return for follow-up visits.  This gap in HIV Rapid test and treatment time is dangerous when dealing with rapid transmission of such an infectious disease to others.  Unlike the HIV ELISA test, an HIV Rapid Test provides results during a single counseling session.  Thus, the HIV Rapid Test allows the patient to get pre & post-test counseling, HIV Rapid Test results, and any medical referrals they may need – all in one visit and in a very short amount of time.  Early diagnosis of the HIV virus by using the quick and simple HIV Rapid Test can help identify patients who may be candidates for anti-retroviral treatment, which has been shown to delay the progression of the infection to full blown AIDS.  This type of Rapid HIV Testing benefits not only the individual, but the health of the community, by reducing the risk of spreading an infectious disease.  The HIV Rapid Test can be useful to quickly confirm HIV status in the community which then enables health professionals to effectively identify and establish appropriate HIV prevention services.




Users of the HIV Rapid Test know that HIV is a serious virus infection.  When a person has an HIV infection, it means the T-cells in the body are being attacked.  Known officially as “human immunodeficiency virus,” the HIV symptoms are not always known, depending on the phase of infection.  However, the majority of infected HIV patients develop a flu-like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body.  An HIV Rapid Test is important at any stage since the HIV virus, once in the bloodstream, continues to multiply and destroy cells.  If no testing occurs, as that in an HIV Rapid Test, then the virus can develop into AIDS.  If an infection is suspected, an individual should seek medical advice as soon as possible.  Using the HIV Rapid Test allows an infected individual to receive immediate treatment helping to prevent further spread of the HIV virus to others.


Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc.’s HIV Rapid Test can be run on serum and plasma samplesThe HIV Rapid Test works best on fresh samples.  For serum testing on the HIV Rapid Test, collect blood into a container without anticoagulant.  Allow the blood to clot and separate the serum from the clot.  Use the serum for the HIV Rapid Test.  For plasma sample testing using the HIV Rapid Test, separate the plasma from the blood using centrifugation.  If the specimen cannot be tested using the HIV Rapid Test on the day of collection, store the specimen in a refrigerator (at 2 to 4 degrees celsius) for up to 3 days.  Make sure to stir and bring the specimen to room temperature before using the HIV Rapid Test.  Do not freeze and thaw the specimen repeatedly before using the HIV Rapid Test.  Results from the HIV Rapid Test can be obtained within 20-30 minutes of using the HIV Rapid Test.  If the HIV Rapid Test result is negative, only one colored band appears on the control C region of the HIV Rapid Test.  If the HIV Rapid Test is positive, a pink color will appear not only on the C band of the HIV Rapid Test, but also a distinct pink colored band will appear in the test (T) region of the HIV Rapid Test.




Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. offers HIV testing in the following formats: an HIV Rapid Test (cassette) and (two) HIV ELISA Tests.  One HIV ELISA Test is the HIV 1, 2 ELISA Test, CE Certified** for the qualitative detection of antibodies to HIV type 1 (group M-O) or 2; the other HIV ELISA Test is the HIV 1,2 Ab/Ag ELISA Test*** for qualitative determination of antigens or antibodies to HIV 1 or 2.  For more information about HIV Rapid Tests, or HIV ELISA Tests, please contact our Customer Service Department.  Customers who use these HIV Rapid Tests and HIV ELISA Tests, also ask about our HCV ELISA TestsHCV Rapid Tests,  Autoimmune Disease ELISA Test kits,  Blood Bank ELISA Test kits, Cancer ELISA tests, Infectious Disease ELISA tests, Hepatitis ELISA tests, Cancer Rapid Tests,  Hepatitis Rapid Tests,  Infectious Disease Rapid Tests, and various drug test kits.  Check our online catalog for Rapid Tests and ELISA Tests, including IFA Test kits, CLIA Test Kits, and Serology Tests.  Our Customer Service contact is 818-591-3030.


*   Not to be sold, shipped, or distributed in the United States.

**  this HIV 1, 2 ELISA Kit is certified for use in Europe and any other country in the world, except the United States.

*** this HIV 1,2 ELISA Kit is available anywhere in the world except Europe and the United States.