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Urine sample adulteration on drug tests, in order to purposely pass a drug test, is a serious problem.  Thousands of Internet sites promise assistance to people who want to pass a drug test.  Some individuals may use recreational drugs infrequently, but even if they do, they become suspect on a random drug test, for example, at the workplace.  There is a huge market for products that promise to eliminate traces of drug substances from urine in order to pass a drug test, but many of these products don’t work or contain ingredients that are screened on drug tests in laboratories.


Adulteration of a drug test is loosely defined as manipulating a urine specimen with the intention of altering the drug test results in order to pass the drug test.  Users of illicit drugs have attempted to pass drug tests by adding foreign substances (adulterants) to their urine after collection.  The use of adulterants before submitting to a drug test can cause false negative results in drug tests by either interfering with the screening test and/ or destroying the drugs present in the urine. Dilution may also be employed in an attempt to produce false negative drug test results.  A person may attempt to pass a drug test by drinking excessive amounts of water and other foreign substances.


The validity of the drug test program depends on the integrity of the urine sample on the drug test.  To detect for the presence of these adulterants, labs, hospitals, medical centers, doctors’ offices, treatment facilities, schools, private businesses, etc. have greatly improved their methods in performing accurate urine drug tests.  Urine is the specimen of choice on a drug test since it contains the most metabolites.  One of the best ways to test for adulteration or dilution on a urine drug test is to determine certain urinary characteristics such as creatinine, pH, and specific gravity and to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde, nitrite and oxidants/pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC), such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide, in urine.


Drug testing has become commonplace for many new job applicants, random drug testing in the workplace occurs more frequently, and drug testing may be a requirement for many other situations.  For example, urine drug testing has become an important part of judicial drug testing for courts, lawyers, and forensic drug investigations.


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