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Monsters inside Me – Parasite Test Kits Have the Answer

It is a terrifying thought. The television studio that thought up the show by which this article borrows its name had it right. They have cultivated a rather dedicated following and inspired new levels of fear entertainment. The show also begs the question: Could it happen to…

Parasitic infections can happen to anyone. Patients who want—need—to know deserve a fast, accurate answer, and our parasite test kits are here to help. Our toxoplasma test kits, including our immunofluorescence assay variety, are available as ten by eight wells, boast a shelf life of one year, and produce accurate results in approximately 80 minutes. This allows your office to combine affordability and usability to provide your patients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Those who choose our Immunofluorescence Assay kits, give their patients enhanced peace of mind because they incorporate more advanced technology. These kits also arm doctors, PAs, and nurses with images they can show patients. It is used in combination with fluorescence microscopes to identify biomolecules within a cell. With it, dyed target cells are easier to see and reliably identify. This leads to better understanding, more confidence in the treatment, and improved doctor–patient relationships.