Testing for Allergies

pollen allergensThe return of spring marks the beginning of allergy season for people across the country. As the flowers and trees begin to bud and bloom, the air becomes heavy with pollen and other allergens that quickly wreak havoc on allergy sufferers everywhere. In order to determine what triggers seasonal allergies, a diagnostic test can be given to see what potential allergens the body reacts to.

If you’re currently working in a doctor’s office, a hospital or a clinical facility, it’s important to stock up on allergy test kits before the season gets into full swing. At RapidTest.com there are a variety of allergy testing options available including Allergy Rapid Tests, Chemiluminescence Allergy Assays, and Allergy ELISA Kits. These tests are alternatives to the skin prick test and are ideal for people who cannot safely have a skin prick test conducted due to a skin condition such as eczema or may be on medications that may interfere with the skin testing.

In addition to seasonal allergies, an ELISA food allergy panel can also be used to determine food allergies that may otherwise cause severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. It’s important to determine what triggers allergic responses in an individual in order to improve their quality of life. By learning what objects, places or foods cause allergic reactions in a person, overall health can be improved dramatically.

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