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Product Description Catalog # # of Test
Food Toxins ELISA kitsTo Top
Fumonisin ELISA Kit
Food Fumonisin ELISA Test Kit
5123-8 96
Chloramphenicol ELISA kit
Food Chloramphenicol ELISA Test Kit
5126-8 96
Streptomycin ELISA kit
Food Streptomycin ELISA Test Kit
5128-8 96
Aflatoxin M1 ELISA kit (in Milk and Milk Products)
Food Aflatoxin M1 ELISA Test Kit
5121-8 96
Aflatoxin B1 ELISA kit
Human Aflatoxin B1 ELISA Test Kit
5120-8 96
Penicillin ELISA kit
Food Penicillin ELISA Test Kit
5127-8 96
Histamine ELISA kit
Food Histamine ELISA Test Kit
5133-8 96
Verotoxin ELISA Kit
Food Verotoxin Antigen ELISA Test Kit
8328-3 96
Food Nutrients ELISA kits To Top
Biotin ELISA kit
Food Vitamin H (Biotin) ELISA Test Kit
1741-8 96
Food Vitamin B12 ELISA Kit
Food Vitamin B12 ELISA Test Kit
1739-8 96
Folate ELISA Kit
Food Folate -Folic Acid ELISA Test Kit
1736-8 96
Food Adulterants ELISA kits To Top
Campylobacter Antigen In Food ELISA Kit
Food Campylobacter Antigen ELISA Test Kit
8321-3 96
E.coli Antigen In Food ELISA Kit
Food E.coli Antigen ELISA Test Kit
8322-3 96

Discovering toxins in food is a simple process when you purchase ELISA test kits from Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. Whether you are looking for food allergy tests for your lab or are working for in food quality control, finding out which foods may be causing an outbreak of an illness, our ELISA kits are perfect for your needs. These tests have been created to discover the presence of furmonisin, streptomycin, penicillin, and histamine in foods, as well as a variety of other toxins.

Don’t start testing for toxins in food without an ELISA kit from Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. Our tests are dependable and perfect for your quality control department or lab. Read the descriptions of each of our ELISA test kits and see which one works for your needs. It is our mission to make the best quality tests, such as our food allergy tests, and sell them at competitive prices across the globe.