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Cardiolipin IgA ELISA kit


Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Test

Full name

Human Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Test Kit

Category Name Autoimmune Disease kits
Test 96
Method ELISA method: Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
Principle ELISA principle - Peroxidase conjugated
Detection Range 5-160 APL
Sample 5 ul serum/plasma
Specificity 94.4%
Sensitivity 77 %
Total Time ~60min
Shelf Life 12 months from the manufacturing date

Item #:                    1493-P1   Quantity:               

Cardiolipin IgA ELISA kit

Cardiolipin IgA_1493-11 (MSDS) 05-13-2016.pdf

Cardiolipin IgA ELISA kit

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Cardiolipin IgA ELISA kit description:

The Diagnostic Automation Cardiolipin IgA Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), is intended for the detection and semiquantitative determination of IgA antibodies to Cardiolipin in human sera or plasma. The assay is to be used to detect IgA antibodies in a single specimen.
The results of the assay are to be used as an aid in the diagnosis of the Antiphospholipid
syndrome in patients with autoimmune disease.

Material Provided with Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Kit:
1. Microwell strips: Cardiolipin antigen antigen coated wells
2. Sample Diluent
3. Washing concentrate 20x
4. TMB Chromogenic Substrate
5. Enzyme conjugate
6. Calibrator set: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 APL
7. Control set: Negative and Positive controls
8. Stop solution

Materials Required, not Provided:
1. Precision pipettes
2. Distilled or deionized water
3. EIA kit Microplate Washer
4. EIA kit Microplate Reader with a 450 nm filter

Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Kit Background Information:
Anti- Cardiolipin autoantibodies (ACA) are frequently found in patients with SLE. They are also found in patients with other autoimmune diseases, as well as in some individuals with no apparent previous underlying diseases. Elevated levels of ACA have been reported to be significantly associated with the presence of both venous and arterial thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, and recurrent fetal loss. Anti-phospholipid syndrome has been used to describe patients who present these clinical manifestations, in association with ACA or lupus anticoagulant. ACA are found in the immunoglobulin classes IgG, IgM and IgA. The determination of IgM antibodies is a valuable indicator in the diagnosis of beginning autoimmune disease, whereas IgG antibodies will be found in progressive stages of manifested autoimmune disorders. ACA IgG show a good correlation to the clinical status of the patient in thrombosis, thrombocytopenia, fetal loss, and some neurological disorders. ACA IgA are often associated with IgG antibodies. ACA IgA seem to have a greater validity in thrombosis and fetal loss. Testing for ACA of various isotypes by ELISA aid in diagnosis of Antiphospholipid syndrome in patients with SLE and lupus-like disorders.

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Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Test Principle:
Purified Cardiolipin antigens are coated on the surface of microwells. Diluted patient serum or plasma, and calibrators, are added to the wells. The Anti Cardiolipin specific antibodies, if present, bind to the antigens. All unbound materials are washed away. After adding enzyme conjugate, it binds to the antibody-antigen complex. Excess enzyme conjugate is washed off, and TMB Chromogenic substrate is added. The enzyme conjugate catalytic reaction is stopped at a specific time. The intensity of the color generated is proportional to the amount of IgA specific antibodies in the sample. The results are read by a microwell reader, and compared in a parallel manner with calibrators. For additional details please refer to the instructions for use.

Notable features of Autoimmune Disease ELISA Kits:
User-friendly directions and explanation of test procedures
Simple and safe reagent preparation
Clear instructions on specimen collection
Comprehensive package of required materials
Explicit quality control and storage guidelines
Reliable and easy-to-read test results

Product inserts for all Autoimmune ELISA kits follow a similar method. See the Cardiolipin IgA ELISA Kit product insert for specific details on preparation, procedures, quality control, and test result interpretation.

Diagnostic Automation Inc. also provides other Autoimmune Disease ELISA Kits. For more information about ELISA Kits, Rapid Tests, IFA Kits, CLIA Test Kits, or Serology tests, please see our website home page, or contact our Customer Service Representatives at 818-591-3030 .