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Syphilis Rapid Test


Syphilis Rapid Test (WB/serum/plasma)

Full name

Human Syphilis Rapid Test RapiDip InstaTest, Export Use Only

Category Name Infectious Disease & other tests
Test Bulk, 50 Tests

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Syphilis Rapid Test

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Syphilis Rapid Test

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Syphilis Rapid Test description:

"Export Use Only"
Syphilis Rapid test is a single use, rapid test strip intended for qualitative detection of antibodies to Treponema pallidum in whole blood, serum and plasma samples. It is intended for use in medical institution as an aid for the diagnosis and management of patients related to infection with T. pallidum also known as syphilis and for screening of blood donors, or blood products as well.

Materials Provided with Syphilis Rapid Test kit:
1. Syphilis Anti-TP colloidal gold rapid test strips packed in foil pouch
2. Sample diluent
3. Instruction for use

Materials required, not provided:
1. Disposable pipettes
2. Clock or timer
3. Specimen collection container
4. Centrifuge

Syphilis Rapid Test Background Information
Syphilis is a disease caused by Spirochete bacterium called Treponema pallidum (TP). If untreated, the organisms move throughout the body and can cause damage to many organs, making syphilis a life-threatening disease if not treated early enough. People who have been infected with syphilis experience different symptoms during the 3 stages of the disease. Early, which is defined by the presence of the chancre at the site of inoculation syphilis may be further divided into primary, secondary, and early latent syphilis; late syphilis includes late latent and the various forms of tertiary syphilis. The serological response to syphilis involves production of antibodies to a wide range of antigens, including non-specific antibodies and specific anti-TP antibodies. The first detectable response to infection is the production of specific antitreponemal IgM, which can be detected within 4 to7 days after the chancre appears and until the end of the second week of infection; antitreponemal IgG appears at about four weeks later. By the time that symptoms develop, most patients have detectable IgG and IgM.

Syphilis Rapid Test Principle
This Syphilis anti-TP Rapid Test employs chromatographic lateral flow test device in a cassette format. Colloidal gold conjugated recombinant antigens (Au-Ag) corresponding to TP antigens (P47, P45, P17, P15) are dry immobilized at the end of nitrocellulose membrane strip. TP antigens are bond at the Test Zone (T) and rabbit anti-TP antibodies are bond at the Control Zone (C). When the sample is added, it migrates by capillary diffusion rehydrating the gold conjugate. If present in sample, TP antibodies (anti-TP) will bind with the gold conjugated antigens forming particles. These particles will continue to migrate along the strip until the Test Zone (T) where they are captured by TP antigens generating a visible red line. For additional details please refer to the instructions for use.

Notable features of Syphilis Rapid Test:
Reliable and inexpensive
Convenient and easy-to-understand directions
Clear preparation procedures
Simple and safe specimen collection directions
Comprehensive package of required materials and components
Rapid and accurate test results within 20 minutes

See Syphilis Rapid Test Product Insert for specific details on preparation, procedures, quality control, and interpretation of test results.

Diagnostic Automation Inc. also offers other Infectious Diseases Rapid tests, and Infectious Diseases ELISA test kits. For more information about Rapid tests, CLIA tests, IFA kits, or ELISA test kits, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 818-591-3030 .

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